TraceKeep for
Resorts and Cruises

Operate safely in the post COVID world.

Protect your guests and employees without collecting any personal or location data.

Cut the chain of transmission

With TraceKeep your guest can be rest assured that their vacation won't be interrupted because of a local outbreak.

How does it work?



Onboard all your guests in an efficient and organized manner. A secure link to the app can be sent along with the reservation or the same app can be installed onsight.

No tracking

After installation, each phone begins to send out unique randomly generated codes over the Bluetooth.
Also, it looks for codes sent by other guests or your employees.


Always alert

If two guests or your personal stay close to each other for more than 15 minutes, their phones will record this event. This information will be stored locally protected by military grade encryption.

Immediate actions

Once any of the parties test positive or showed mild symptoms the appointed manager can use TraceKeep admin dashboard to quickly identify who has been exposed to that person and provide immediate support.


Business is safe

The chain of transmission is cut and the virus spread is stopped. Unaffected guests can continue their vacation safely without any risk of getting the disease.
Prioritized testing, quarantine, extra cleaning, and many other preventive mergers can now be applied with great efficiency and in a timely manner.

Privacy is our top priority

GPS or any other location data are neither collected nor used by the APP. TraceKeep app relies solely on short-range Bluetooth beacons that guarantee privacy and the highest accuracy rates.

TraceKeep app doesn't require a constant internet connection so it will not result in costly data roaming bills for international guests.

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Get ready to operate safely in the post COVID world!

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