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One business trip set off COVID-19 outbreak in the office

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is an important process in slowing down the spread of any contagious disease. It seeks to identify the people who have been in close contact with the infected individual and who therefore may contract the same disease. However manual contact tracing is very labor-intensive and relies on a person’s ability to recall everyone they have come in close contact with. Leveraging technology could help to overcome these limitations.

TraceKeep proudly presents the first automated contact tracing solutions for businesses.
We use Bluetooth, a technology available on most smartphones, to anonymously track interactions between coworkers or guests without collecting any personal or location data. The app doesn’t reveal the identities of users to each other but provides full control over the potential virus spread inside the organization.

Can Contact Tracing help businesses?

The first traced case of infection in Germany happened in the office.
Patient #1 got COVID-19 from his colleague who came from China to attend a business meeting. Just in 6 days, there were already 4 confirmed cases and mandatory quarantine for all those who were potentially exposed. Manual contact tracing was used to identify all at-risk people but unfortunately, it was already too late. In the upcoming days, there were already 16 cases, 10 of them in the same company.

The researchers believe that the substantial spread happened even before significant symptoms onset. This creates a huge challenge for many modern preventive measures like temperature screening. People may spread the virus after contracting it from a confirmed patient while not showing symptoms (like high temperature or coughing) by themselves.

Researchers conclude:
… more effective spread of the virus might have been prevented by the proactive quarantine of high-risk contacts … while still being presymptomatic or mildly symptomatic…"

TraceKeep helps businesses to do exactly that.
We make it easy to check whether the right people are getting notifications and if they are acting accordingly. We help companies to deploy rapid tests efficiently and where it matters the most.

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