Frequently Asked Questions

Is contact tracing relevant to my business?
For every business where there is live person-to-person interaction among employees some form of contact tracing is relevant. Tracekeep will help you to identify risks so you can quickly take action and reduce the impact on your business.
What is the difference between this app and released by public officials in my country?
The core difference is that with this app your business is in control. You will get all the data needed to make an informed decision when it matters the most. It also means that you own the data and it’s not shared with third parties.
Does everyone have to install this application?
We follow best practices from world infections experts. In a closed environment like an office, it is recommended that all employees install the app.
What will Tracekeep know about my employees?
Tracekeep is not collecting any information from the app. Tracekeep will know the overall number of installed applications, emails and names of registered users.
Why don’t use location data (GPS) for tracking people?
Our solution is designed for contact tracing only and this function is achieved by using Bluetooth. Our approach has many advantages like privacy, lower power consumption, and indoors tracking. 
Will any information be shared with government agencies?
No, it’s your employees and your data. We are not sharing any information with third parties. 
How is my data protected?
Our solution is designed with multilayer protection to keep your data safe from different vectors of attack. Moreover, there is no centralised database that can be stolen or altered.
Is this solution compatible with other contact tracing apps?
Our platform is open to integrations so any application can be compatible with it. Please get in touch to learn more.

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