TraceKeep for Enterprise

Operate safely in the post COVID world and be well-prepared for the second wave.
Get reliable information about potentially exposed to the virus employees without collecting any personal or location data.

Cut the chain of transmission with TraceKeep

Gain the information needed to drive important decisions and immediately evaluate the impact on your business.
Avoid local outbreaks inside your company and protect the privacy of your employees.

How does it work?



Employers onboards all the employees in an efficient and organized manner. It may take 5 min or less to distribute the app using the list of employees' business emails or phone numbers.

No tracking

After installation each phone begins to send out unique randomly generated codes over the Bluetooth. Also it looks for codes sent by other employees from the same organisation. Codes contain NO info about employees identity or location.


Always alert

During the day to day routine if two employees stay close to each other for more than 15 minutes, their phones will record this event.

Immediate actions

Once any of the employees tests positive, the appointed manager can use the TraceKeep dashboard to quickly identify who has been exposed to that person and take immediate actions.


Business is safe

The chain of transmission is cut and the virus spread is reduced. The business can operate safely having control over the virus spread .

Experts claim

COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person and anyone who has it will pass on the virus to 2 or 5 others unless isolated in time. Contact tracing is one of the most efficient ways to cut the chain of transmission and reduce the virus spread inside your organisation.

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Avoid local outbreaks inside your company and protect the privacy of your employees

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