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Provide an ongoing safe environment and maintain full control.

Everything you need to get back to business safely!

Effectively and precisely notify employees when they may have come into contact with an at-risk colleague

Respects  privacy

All data about interactions is securely stored on phones and the list of exposed employees is generated only if requested from the dashboard.

Easy to deploy

No additional hardware or software is needed. Quickly onboard all employees using just their business emails.

Accuracy and flexibility

System uses the latest AI technology to accurately interpret data from all phones and provides several threat assessment scenarios for business.

Have full control and visibility

Harness the power of the data aggregated for you in one place. Central dashboard provides the visibility and control needed to drive important decisions and evaluate the impact on your business

Onboard your employees in a matter of minutes. 

Import all needed data in csv or integrate with your existing HR tools. Robust access and retention controls are in place.

Take mission-critical actions immediately

Take immediate action when time matters the most and limit the risk of further spread of the virus inside your organization.


Resorts and Cruises

Drive travelers back by building an emotional appeal towards your new safety regulations.


Protect employees, stop the virus and keep business safe by avoiding costly shutdowns.

How it works

Mobile application and centralised dashboard are two pillars of your COVID-19 contact tracing efforts

App anonymously collects proximity information between all the employees using randomly generated beacons via Bluetooth. Using central dashboard business execs can determine who has been exposed to a person that tested positive of COVID-19 and take action.

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The key to reopening is going to be a robust effort to test for covid-19 and a contact tracing workforce to contain new outbreaks. Unfortunately, no state has the covid-19 testing and contact tracing capacity needed to safely reopen in two weeks.

Michael Fraser,
executive director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Rapid and efficient contact tracing, along with widespread testing, are key parts of the public health strategy we must have in place before we can safely allow more businesses to reopen. Done effectively, these strategies will help to break the chain of transmission and enable people to return to a more normal life.

George Rutherford,
professor and director of the Prevention and Public Health Group at UCSF

Health officials have zeroed in on widespread testing and contact tracing of positive cases as key tools for the U.S. to be able to begin to return to normal life. Contact tracing can allow a more targeted group of people to quarantine while the rest of society begins to open up.

Dr. Jeff Engel,
senior adviser for COVID-19 to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists

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